The Netherlandish Baroque painter Hendrick ter Brugghen, together with Dirck van Baburen (c. 1596-1624) and Gerard van Honthorst (1590-1656), is among the most important representatives of the Utrecht followers of Caravaggio. The Princely Collections hold a number of works by these artists.

A Bravo with his Dog shows a laughing bearded man wearing a barett who is recoiling to avoid being licked by his dog. It is clearly influenced by the well-known, early half-figure portraits of Caravaggio from the 1590s depicting young men mostly in loose clothing or togas. In his painting of the philosopher Democrites (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) from 1628 Ter Brugghen has used the same model who gazes out at us here. It is this circumstance among others that has led scholars to identify the subject as Diogenes.
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A Bravo with his Dog, 1628
Oil on canvas
height 83 cm, width 69 cm
Hohenbuchau Collection, Inv.-No. HB-13
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