Peter Paul Rubens executed this overmantel for the Great Parlour of Nicolaas Rockox's house painting shortly after returning from Italy. The showpiece of Rockox's art collection, it depicts the Old Testament figure of Samson sprawled in Delilah's lap sleeping off his liquor. She had previously seduced him in order to discover the secret of his strength, which lay in his hair. With the aid of this ruse Delilah delivered him into the hands of the Philistines. Samson's hair is shaved and his eyes put out.
Biblical subjects with powerful female figures were very popular at that time, and in the prevailing atmosphere of the Counter-Reformation they were justifiable as artistic subjects because of their moralistic message; this scene can also be interpreted as an admonition against the dire consequences of uncurbed passion. The figures of Venus and Cupid wearing a blindfold in the niche provide a subtle classical echo of Samson's downfall.
This masterpiece by Rubens reveals the influence of the art he had encountered in Italy and displays reminiscences of Michelangelo, Tintoretto and the art of classical antiquity. The drama of the scene is heightened by the play between light and dark which would have been enhanced by its original location with the light falling from the left through the window and the flames flickering in the fireplace below.
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Peter Paul Rubens
Samson and Delilah, c. 1610
Oil on panel
height 185 cm, width 205 cm
The National Gallery, London, Inv.-No. NG 6461
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