The sketch-like execution of this work suggests that it is probably a head study. These were mostly done during the preparations for large works containing multiple figures and are mentioned in the inventory of Rubens’s estate taken in 1640 as “tronien of koppen naer’t leven” (faces or heads after life). It cannot be ascertained with absolute certainty whether this portrait of a man is a study of an ecclesiastical or secular dignitary. The dark habit and appearance as a whole would seem to suggest that he could be a monk or a member of a religious order. What militates against this conclusion however is the medallion in the shape of the sun suspended on a heavy gold chain as well as the hairstyle, which seems somewhat too luxuriant for a man of God.

In his use of painted head studies Rubens was following a Flemish tradition which is found as early as Frans Floris (1516–1570) and was continued by Maerten de Vos (1532–1603)
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Peter Paul Rubens
Portrait of a Monk (?)
Oil on wood
Hohenbuchau Collection, Inv.-No. HB-67
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