Rubens’s "Lamentation" appeals to viewers because of the proximity of the action. They are brought face to face almost frontally with the ashen body of Christ who lies outstretched on a stone pedestal. Joseph of Arimathea, who had asked Pilate for the corpse of Christ, supports his torso as it falls back. The pale-faced Madonna closes her son’s eyes, while St John holds her arm. Mary Magdalene mourns the dead redeemer with the group of other Marys. Rubens’s interpretation of this subject follows the tradition of medieval Bible illustration in Italy, which presents Christ lying on the anointment stone, though the body has not yet been anointed. His mother is just beginning the cleansing process by gently removing a thorn from her son’s forehead. The ears of corn protruding under the shroud are probably an allusion to the Eucharistic significance of Christ’s death.
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Peter Paul Rubens
The Lamentation, c. 1612
Oil on canvas
height 151 cm, width 204 cm
Inv.-No. GE62
Provenance: 1710 acquired by Prince Johann Adam Andreas I von Liechtenstein from the art dealer Justus Forchoudt in Vienna
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