The "Triumph of Virtue over Vice" of c. 1701–06 is a copy by Soldani Benzi of Giambologna’s famous marble group "Florence Triumphs over Pisa", which stood in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. Giambologna designed the group in 1564 for the wedding of Francesco de’ Medici as a companion piece to Michelangelo’s stone sculpture "The Victory", which in the seventeenth century was often also called "The Triumph of Virtue over Vice". Soldani Benzi’s bronze was among the twelve copies of the most famous statues of Florence, which he offered to Prince Johann Adam in 1706. The personification of Florence, or an allegory of Virtue, overcomes a man cowering on the ground, and represents either vice or the city of Pisa, according to interpretation. The triumph is expressed by a gesture of physical dominance.
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Massimiliano Soldani-Benzi
The Triumph of Virtue over Vice, c. 1701/1706
Bronze, dark brown lacquer patina
height 31 cm
Inv.-No. SK275
Provenance: 1706 offered to Prince Johann Adam Andreas I von Liechtenstein by Soldani Benzi; bronze cast in J. Woodward’s collection in Oxford; 1963 Julius Goldschmidt; from 1963 to 1980 in Baron Paul Hatvany’s collection; 1980 acquired by Prince Franz Josef II von und zu Liechtenstein at auction At Christie’s in London
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