In 1694 Massimiliano Soldani Benzi made a wax model of a bacchanal for Prince Johann Adam Andreas I von Liechtenstein, who wished to have “qualche scherzo bacchanale”. Even though this was smashed “into a thousand pieces” while being taken to Vienna, Johann Adam still ordered the relief as a bronze casting in 1695. Bacchus, the god of wine and vegetation, married Ariadne on Naxos. Soldani Benzi shows the two as a loving couple, giving themselves up to the enjoyment of wine amidst their noisy retinue: Silenus, who had been entrusted with Bacchus’s education, has drunkenly fallen off his ass among the crowd of scrapping putti. Maenads dance around the statue of Priapus, the god of nature. The whole scene is enriched with symbols of love such as kissing snakes, billing doves etc. Soldani Benzi himself counted this relief as one of his best works, and indeed the complex composition offers a creative reworking of many ideas from Antique and contemporary sculpture. The denseness of the design achieves almost painterly qualities, and these are shown to particular advantage by Soldani Benzi’s sophisticated chasing techniques. The different nuances in the surface structures display considerable virtuosity, resulting in a complex play of light. Soldani Benzi’s characteristically translucent, reddish-gold patina makes for the perfect finish.
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Massimiliano Soldani-Benzi
Bacchanalia, 1695/1697
Bronze with red-gold lacquer patina
height 56 cm, width 78 cm
Inv.-No. SK827
Provenance: 1697 commissioned by Prince Johann Adam Andreas I von Liechtenstein
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