The Dancing Faun and the Medici Venus, are wonderfully patinated bronze casts after Classical models. Johann Adam Andreas I had seen the ancient originals, which were in the Tribuna of the Uffizi in Florence, with his own eyes and was determined to have them for his own gallery – even if only in the form of copies. In his new City Palace in Bankgasse he displayed these copies together in the same room. In his surviving correspondence with Soldani Benzi, the latter congratulates him on his wisdom in deciding to have copies made in bronze, those made in stone never proving able to reproduce the delicate contours of a bronze original, and marble presenting the problem of not being so easily transportable. The fact that a stone copy of the Dancing Faun was made may be attributed to the particular wishes of Johann Adam Andreas I, who wanted to be able to admire this figure not only in Vienna but also at Rossau. Accordingly, he commissioned the sculptor Giovanni Giuliani (1663 –1744) in Vienna to make a further copy of the original (the copy was in fact made using the intermediary of a bozzetto preserved in the collection of the Heiligenkreuz monastery).
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Massimiliano Soldani-Benzi
Dancing Faun, 1695/1697
Bronze with reddish brown patina
height 139 cm
Inv.-No. SK541
Provenance: commissioned in 1695, along with the Medici Venus (SK 537), by Prince Johann Adam Andreas I von Liechtenstein; both works acquired in 1702
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