In his "Diana and Callisto", Massimiliano Soldani Benzi explores a typical Baroque theme in that it captures the moment of a crucial discovery: Diana, the chaste goddess of hunting, notices that one of her companions, all sworn to chastity, is pregnant. Callisto had allowed herself to be seduced by Zeus. The goddess sees this as treachery, and disowns Callisto. Half-naked and bewildered, she attempts to conceal what has long since been revealed. Another companion is clearly very curious and wants to assure herself that the reproof is justified, and tries to push away the arm that Callisto has placed protectingly over her stomach. Yet another companion realizes the seriousness of the situation: she raises her hand on Callisto’s behalf to fend off the devastating judgement pronounced by Diana. This revelation of a secret is strikingly underlined by Diana herself as she lifts her own veil. By pointing conspicuously, she exposes Callisto’s nakedness all the more vividly. Soldani Benzi has skilfully captured the narrative context of this particular moment.
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Massimiliano Soldani-Benzi
Diana and Callisto, c. 1695/1700
Bronze with dark-brown lacquer patina
height 41 cm
Inv.-No. SK910
Provenance: 1702 offered to Prince Johann Adam Andreas I von Liechtenstein with the "Judgement of Paris" (SK 911) by Soldani Benzi, but not bought; 2002 acquired by Prince Hans-Adam II von und zu Liechtenstein at auction at Christie’s in London
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