The Landscape with Milkmaids and Cows, which is dated to after 1616, was long held to be the first autonomous landscape painting in Peter Paul Rubens's oeuvre. It belongs to a group of pictures which originally all had the same dimensions and which hung in Rubens's house in Antwerp. At some later point, extra sections were added to the painting, additions that remained undetected and which obscured the circumstance of its belonging to this group of landscapes. Rubens painted numerous landscapes on his own initiative, free from the constraints imposed by his patrons. They remained in his possession to the end of his life.

This oil sketch shows everyday activities taking place around a small pool, with three cows at the right-hand edge of the picture and two peasant women fetching water. A drawing preserved at the Kunsthalle in Hamburg, evidently a copy of a lost original, shows a topographically identical situation. However, Rubens's oil sketch gives a more idealised impression with additional features. He probably had Italian models in mind, as he possessed a woodcut executed after Titian's Landscape with a Milkmaid.
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Peter Paul Rubens
Landscape with Milkmaids and Cows, 1616
Oil on panel, cradled
height 76 cm, width 107 cm
Inv.-No. GE412
Provenance: brought from Holland to England by Emmerson in 1818; collection Robert Vernon; in 1844 in the auction of the collection Harman von M. Gardner; before 1880 in the collection of Prince Paul Demidoff, San Donato; 1880 in the auction of the Demidoff-Collection, Florence, lot 1117; acquired by Prince Reuss; acquired in 1880 by Prince Johannes II von Liechtenstein
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