Untervalpatann 1746 - 1822 Vienna
Zauner was one of the most influential sculptors of Austrian Neoclassicism. His stylistic development was determined by his training under Jakob Schletterer and Wilhelm Bayer. He owed his first official commission in Vienna, in 1775, to Prince Wenzel Anton Kaunitz-Rietburg: the allegorical figures of the River Danube and the River Enns for the fountains in the cour d’honneur at the palace at Schönbrunn, which still clearly reveal the influence of Georg Raffael Donner. Zauner spent the years 1776– 81 in Rome. Here, under the influence of the writings of the German art historian Johann Joachim Winkelmann, he began to favour a Neoclassicism that was more rigorous and more strongly indebted to models of Antiquity. On returning to Vienna he pursued his career with a Professorship, from 1782, at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he served as Director from 1806 to 1815. Zauner provided sculpture for the chief façade of the Viennese palace of Count Fries, on Josefsplatz, one of the few rigorously Neoclassical palaces to be found in the city. Zauner also achieved great success with tomb sculpture and as a portraitist. His masterpiece, the equestrian monument to Josef II (made in 1780 –1806), was also the first large sculpture of its type to be erected in Vienna. The success of this work helped to revive the Austrian tradition of bronze casting, which had for some time been eclipsed by casting in lead.
Franz Anton Zauner
Nymph with a Putto, Figures for a Fountain, after 1797

Lead-tin alloy, height 112 cm, width 235 cm, depth 90 cm
Inv.-No. SK1408
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Franz Anton Zauner
Seated Figure of Clio, 1779

Marble, height 80 cm
Inv.-No. SK617
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