Schemnitz 1702 - 1747 
Johann Carl Wendelin Anreiter von Ziernfeld was born in Schemnitz, present-day Banska Stiavnica, in Slovakia in 1702. In 1720, after completing his apprenticeship, Anreiter moved to Innsbruck, and a year later he visited Vienna for the first time. It is assumed that Carl Wendelin Anreiter was already active as a porcelain painter for the Du Paquier manufactory in Vienna by 1725. Marchese Carlo Ginori founded his own manufactory on his country estate at Doccia near Florence in 1737, having toured the Du Paquier manufactory while on a visit to Vienna. He succeeded in luring Carl Wendelin Anreiter and the kiln master Giorgio delle Torri away from Du Paquier for his own enterprise.
After Marchese Ginori assumed the office of governor of Livorno in 1746, Carl Wendelin Anreiter also left Florence to resume his activities as a porcelain painter in Vienna. The representative of the Bavarian government in Vienna, Georg Joseph von Rosenfeld, attempted to persuade Carl Wendelin Anreiter to work as an arcanist at the porcelain manufactory that was being established at Neudeck ob der Au near Munich (later the Nymphenburg manufactory). However, this was precluded by Anreiter von Ziernfeld's sudden death on 4 October 1747.
Of the sons that followed in Carl Wendelin Anreiter's footsteps as porcelain painters, only Anton Stephan Carl (1727–1801) is mentioned in the documents of the Doccia manufactory from 1742.
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