Düsseldorf 1768 - 1826 London
Ströhling embarked on his career as an artist in Russia, where his first important patrons were the Empress Catherine the Great and her son, Paul I. After his return to western Europe, he worked in Italy, France, and Austria, where he was much admired as a portraitist and a history painter. In the late 1790s he received portrait commissions not only from the Prince of Wales (later King George IV), but also from Prince Alois I von Liechtenstein and his wife, Princess Karoline von Liechtenstein, née Countess of Manderscheit. British connoisseurs would seem to have been particularly drawn to the refined and painstaking quality of his paintings, which distinguished them from contemporary work by British artists, although his output was in every other respect characteristic of portrait painting in his era.
Peter Eduard Ströhling
Portrait of Prince Alois I von Liechtenstein, 1794

Oil on canvas, height 82 cm, width 66 cm
Inv.-No. GE1535
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