Leiden 1633 - 1707 London
Willem van de Velde the Younger probably started as an apprentice to the maritime painter Simon de Vlieger, whose atmospheric sea pieces became a constant model for Willem. Later he shared a studio with his father till the death of the latter in 1693. Willem van de Velde the Elder was mainly a maritime draughtsman. Like a reporter, he was commissioned to document sea battles along with ships of his country’s fleet and those of foreign powers.

His son liked to use these drawings as models to create fictive compositions of particular colouristic attraction. In 1672 father and son moved to England and the court of Charles II. A number of extraordinary privileges accorded to the two Dutch painters demonstrates the estimation in which they were held by the King and his brother, the Duke of York.

Willem the Younger had a very large workshop. His scholars and successors maintained his style into the 19th century.

Willem van de Velde, the Younger
Ships off the Coast, 1672

Oil on canvas, height 45 cm, width 55 cm
Inv.-No. GE918
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