Amsterdam 1682 - 1749 Amsterdam
Jan van Huysum was born into a family of painters and accordingly received his initial training from his father, Justus van Huysum the Elder (1659 – 1716). Jan specialised in fruit and flower motifs which won acclaim from collectors and critics alike, far beyond the borders of the Netherlands.

His pictures were characterised by a draughtsmanship, which was a fitting means of expression for his meticulous observation of nature. Letters relate that Huysum painted directly from nature. But the numerous drawings in existence also document a preparatory process for the paintings with individual studies. His pictures are technically brilliant and therefore mostly in very good condition. Huysum’s working methods were a well guarded secret. He accepted no students apart from Margaretha Haverman, who had to leave his studio after a short period. His style and his sense of colouring were exemplary within his chosen genre far into the 19th century.

Jan van Huysum
Bouquet of Flowers

Oil on canvas, height 89 cm, width 71 cm
Inv.-No. GE540
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Jan van Huysum
Flowers in a Terracotta Vase, 1725

Oil on mahogany-panel, height 80 cm, width 61 cm
Inv.-No. GE2473
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