Trento 1642 - 1709 Vienna
Pozzo was a versatile artist personality, being a painter, architect and art theoretician. His particular speciality was quadratura painting — illusionistic architectural painting that appears to be an extension of actual architecture. One of his most famous works is the fresco in the nave of the church of S. Ignazio in Rome.

Pozzo was a lay brother in the Jesuits who staunchly supported the Pope in the Counter-Reformation. His relationship with the order is also reflected in his methodical approach to art. In his two-volume theoretical work entitled Perspectiva pictorum et architectorum (1693–1700) and dedicated to Emperor Leopold, he expressed his views on perspective fresco painting. The work became widely popular and was translated into a number of languages.

In 1702 he travelled to Vienna. His last work was also one of his most significant: the fresco in the Hercules Hall of Liechtenstein Garden Palace with the deeds of Hercules (1704–07), modelled after the architecture painting of S. Ignazio.

Andrea Pozzo
Ceiling fresco in the Hercules Hall of the Liechtenstein summer palace, 1704/1708

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