In the decades after World War II it was no longer possible for the Princely Collections to extend their holdings through new acquisitions. This situation has, however, changed considerably in recent years, with many pieces formerly in the Collections being acquired again. At the same time, other new additions complement and expand the holdings.

Du Paquier Porcelain manufactory
Trembleuse, 1730

Hard-paste porcelain, polychrome overglaze painting, gold highlights, height 7,5 cm
Inv.-No. PO2089
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Alessandro Algardi
Eros and Anteros, 1630

Marble, height 82,5 cm
Inv.-No. SK1481
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Rudolf von Alt
The fish market of Rome, 1865

Watercolour on paper, height 59 cm, width 56 cm
Inv.-No. GR2239
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Friedrich von Amerling
Self-portrait, 1880/1881

Oil on canvas, height 66,2 cm, width 52,5 cm
Inv.-No. GE2442
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Friedrich von Amerling
Girl with Straw Hat, 1835

Oil on canvas, height 58 cm, width 46 cm
Inv.-No. GE2455
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Friedrich von Amerling
Portrait of Prince Victor Odescalchi (1833–1880) in Greek costume at the age of five, 1838

height 45,3 cm, width 37 cm
Inv.-No. GE2464
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Anonymous master
Renaissance table with intarsia, 1610/1615

Oak, intarsia in maple, box, padauk, palisander and stained fruitwoods, with partial pokerwork and engraving, height 79 cm, width 142 cm, depth 111 cm
Inv.-No. MO2299
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Antonio Chicari, called “il Pisano” (active in Rome 1652–1671), to a design by Gian Lorenzo Be
Frame with the arms of the Chigi family,, 1675/1700

wood, richely carved, gilt and silvered, height 125 cm, width 105 cm
Inv.-No. KH65
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attributed to Flaminio Torre (1620–1661)
St Peter in Penitence

Oil on canvas, height 111 cm, width 84,5 cm
Inv.-No. GE2148
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Melchior Baumgartner
Cabinet, 1625/1650

Ebony and stained black pearwood over softwood carcase, ivory, jasper, lapis lazuli, agate, onyx, carnelian, ivory, height 87 cm, width 108 cm, depth 61 cm
Inv.-No. MO1739
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Osias Beert
Still life with apples, grapes and a vase of flowers, 1600/1620

Oil on Panel, height 67 cm, width 117 cm
Inv.-No. GE2152
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Antonio Canal, called Il Canaletto
Canal View with the Ponte delle Guglie, the Palazzo Labia and the Campanile of San Geremia, 1735/1742

Oil on canvas, height 46 cm, width 63 cm
Inv.-No. GE2435
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China, Wan Li period (1573–1620), Mounts England, c. 1600
Kendi pouring vessel adapted as a ewer with English silver mounts

Porcelain, underglaze cobalt blue painting silver, gilt, England, height 25 cm
Inv.-No. PO2531
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Nicolas Colombel
Atalante und Hippomenes, c. 1680

Oil on canvas, height 141 cm, width 127 cm
Inv.-No. GE2450
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Matthäus Donner
Venus and Adonis, 1740

Bronze relief, brown patina, height 32 cm, width 47 cm
Inv.-No. SK1514
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Georg Raphael Donner
Apollo, 1727

height 65 cm, width 31,5 cm, depth 26 cm
Inv.-No. SK1515
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Joachim Fries
Clockwork drinking vessel with Diana mounted on a stag, 1610/12

Silver, cast, embossed, chased, engraved parcel-gilt, partial coloured cold-enamel decoration fully functional original spring-driven mechanism , height 34 cm, width 24,2 cm, depth 10,6 cm
Inv.-No. SI261
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Ginori Manufactory, Doccia
The Four Seasons, 1745

Hardpaste porcelain, polychrome painting, height ca. 40 cm
Inv.-No. PO2451
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Ginori Manufactory, Doccia, after Giuseppe Piamontini (1663-1744)
Paris, 1745/1755

Hard-paste porcelain, glazed white, height 95 cm
Inv.-No. PO2294
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Daniel Gran
St Elizabeth of Portugal Distr, 1736/1737

Oil on canvas, height 98 cm, width 52 cm
Inv.-No. GE2414
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Grand Ducal workshops, Florence (Galleria dei Lavori), Baccio Cappelli, bronze figures by Girolamo Ticciati
Pietra Dura, Ebony and Ormolu Cabinet - "Badminton Cabinet", 1720/1732

Pietra dura, ebony and ormolu, height 386 cm, width 233 cm, depth 94 cm
Inv.-No. MO1584
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Domenico Guidi
Bust of Pope Alexander VIII. Ottoboni, 1691

Bronze, red-brown painted patina, height 74 cm
Inv.-No. SK1486
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Domenico Guidi
Maria Annunciata, 1670

Marble, height 89 cm, width 74 cm
Inv.-No. SK1494
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Erasmus Habermel
Diopter Universal Instrument, c. 1597/1600

gilded brass, copper, height 38,5 cm cm
Inv.-No. SK1477
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Frans Hals
Portrait of a Man, 1650/1652

Oil on canvas, height 108 cm, width 80 cm
Inv.-No. GE235
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Maerten van Heemskerck
Landscape with St Jerome, 1547

Oil on oak panel, height 105 cm, width 161 cm
Inv.-No. GE2404
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Hans Makart
A Nubian, 1875/1876

Oil on canvas, height 272 cm, width 155 cm
Inv.-No. GE2392
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Franz Anton Maulbertsch
The Marriage of the Virgin, 1755

Oil on canvas, height 59 cm, width 36 cm
Inv.-No. GE2406
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Franz Xaver Messerschmidt
Bust of Prince Joseph Wenzel I von Liechtenstein (1696–1772), c. 1770/1772

Lead-tin alloy, silver-platet, height 40 cm
Inv.-No. SK1480
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Giovanni Battista Moroni
Portrait of Prospero Alessandri, 1560

Oil on canvas, height 105 cm, width 84 cm
Inv.-No. GE2149
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Jakob Gabriel Müller, gen. Mollinarolo
Minerva with the Medallion of Empress Maria Theresia and Emperor Franz Stephan of Lorraine, 1764

Led-tin alloy, height 149 cm, width 86 cm
Inv.-No. SK915
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Jakob Gabriel Müller, gen. Mollinarolo
Apollo with the Medallion of Emperor Josef II, 1764

Led-tin alloy, height 142 cm, width 74 cm
Inv.-No. SK916
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Michael Neher
The Church of Our Lady in Esslingen, 1847

Oil on canvas, height 90 cm, width 108 cm
Inv.-No. GE2444
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Joseph Nigg
Floral Still Life with Black Grapes, 1838

Painting on old Viennese porcelain, height 69 cm, width 52 cm
Inv.-No. PO2080
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Joseph Nigg
Floral Still Life with White Grapes, 1838

Painting on old Viennese porcelain, height 69 cm, width 52 cm
Inv.-No. PO2079
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Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Meissen; Hausmaler: Ignaz Preissler (1676–1741)
Teapot with cover, 1725

Porcelain, painted in schwarzlot and gilt highlights, height 13,8 cm
Inv.-No. PO2137
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Jakob Matthias Schmutzer, after Peter Paul Rubens
Decius Mus relating his Dream

Coloured copperplate etching "à la poupée", height 47,8 cm, width 42,9 cm
Inv.-No. GR2233
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Ulrich Schönmacher
Baptismal ewer and basin, 1570/1575

Silver, fire-gilt, height Krug: 30,7 cm
Inv.-No. SI258
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Frans Snyders
The Lioness

Oil on canvas, height 111 cm, width 198 cm
Inv.-No. GE2135
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Massimiliano Soldani-Benzi
Deposition, 1710/25

Terracotta, height 105 cm, width 74 cm, depth 13 cm
Inv.-No. SK1471
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Massimiliano Soldani-Benzi
Venus plucking the wings of Cupid, c. 1718/1719

Bronze, height 41,5 cm, width 29,5 cm, depth 22 cm
Inv.-No. SK1501
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Antonio Susini, after Giambologna
Deianeira Assaulted by the Centaur Nessus, 1600

Bronze, height 43 cm
Inv.-No. SK914
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Ferdinando Tacca, after a model by Pietro Tacca
Hercules supporting the heavens, 1650/1700

Bronze, height 89 cm
Inv.-No. SK946
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Pietro Tacca
Grandduke Ferdinando II. de' Medici on horseback (with later added head of Czar Peter the Great), 1615/1621

Bronze, height 69 cm, depth 58 cm
Inv.-No. SK945
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Hendrik van Vliet
Interior of the Nieuwe Kerke, Delft, with the tomb of William the Silent, Prince of Orange (1533-1584), 1650/1660

Oil on canvas, height 102 cm, width 85 cm
Inv.-No. GE2398
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Friedrich Wilhelm von Schadow
Portrait of Felix Schadow (1819-1861), stepbrother of the artist, 1830

Oil on canvas, height 61 cm, width 51 cm
Inv.-No. GE2405
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Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller
Ruines of the greek theater in Taormina towards the straits of Messina, 1844

Oil on wood, height 18 cm, width 31 cm
Inv.-No. GE2386
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Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller
The lesson, 1837

Oil on paper, height 25 cm, width 22 cm
Inv.-No. GR2420
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Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller
Roses, 1843

Oil on panel, height 48 cm, width 39 cm
Inv.-No. GE2145
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Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller
Maternal Admonition, 1850

Oil on cradeled panel, height 62 cm, width 77 cm
Inv.-No. GE2153
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Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller
Revival to New Life, 1852

Oil on cradeled panel, height 62 cm, width 79 cm
Inv.-No. GE2151
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Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller
The halted Pilgrimage, 1853

Oil on cradeled panel, height 46 cm, width 58 cm
Inv.-No. GE2391
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Bernardino Zaganelli da Cotignola
Portrait of a Lady, 1500

Oil on panel, height 33 cm, width 25 cm
Inv.-No. GE935
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