The Princely Collections contain major works of European art spanning five centuries and are among the most important private collections in the world. Dating back to the seventeenth century, they are rooted in the Baroque ideal of princely patronage of the arts. For generations, the House of Liechtenstein has consistently nurtured this ideal, systematically adding to the collection's holdings in keeping with an an active acquisitions policy which continues to this day. This allows existing focal areas of the collection to be extended and enhanced through the acquisition of artworks of the highest quality, thus ensuring the enduring attraction of the Princely Collections.

In January 2012 the LIECHTENSTEIN MUSEUM in its previous form with fixed opening hours ceased to operate. However, the highlights of the Princely Collections may still be viewed as part of pre-booked events packages and guided tours. The Liechtenstein SUMMER PALACE houses masterpieces from the early Renaissance to the Baroque, while highlights from the neoclassical and Biedermeier holdings can be seen at the Liechtenstein CITY PALACE, which reopened in April 2013 following comprehensive restoration.
Twice a month guided tours are offered in both palaces, affording fascinating insights into a dynastic tradition of collecting that spans more than four centuries. The permanent exhibitions in both palaces are also accessible to visitors on pre-booked group tours.

Detailed information on guided tours, dates, bookings and the princely palaces as event venues can be found on the website of Palais Liechtenstein GmbH.

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